Tuesday, December 22

Stay - Estrella

intro - Dmaj7 C#m7-Cm7-Bm7
A Asus4 A Asus4 x2

Dmaj7 C#m7 Cm7 Bm7 A
Sound straight from the twilight, Has me up -all night, I can't fall asleep
Asus4 A Dmaj7 C#m7 Cm7 Bm7
'cause I keep thinking of you, And I saw a shadow outside my -window
A - Asus4 - A
and it's you.


Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7
All my sorrows flew away, Hush, keep quiet, hear me say, I don't ever want you to go,
A - Asus4 - A
Please stay.

Dmaj7 C#m7
With the moonlight dancing free, And there's no one but you and me,
Bm7 A - Asus4 - A
There's no -reason to go astray, Please stay.

Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 A - Asus4 - A
*Please stay, Just stay with me and i will take you to forever just stay, *

Dmaj7 C#m7 Cm7 Bm7
Making up a story, It's the way you're looking at me, If you think that this is funny,
A - Asus4 - A
it's just you.

Dmaj7 C#m7
Try and think about it, If you're heart is closed don't lock,
Cm7 Bm7 A - Asus4 - A
Keep your keys back in your pocket, Think this through.

Dmaj7 C#m7 Bm7 A Asus4 A

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